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Business planning layout

A World-class Business Platform

The three Class-A office towers of National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) are unparalleled office buildings with extraordinary showrooms. It is the ideal home to companies engaged in exhibition, convention, trade and fashion businesses.

  • Fashion

    Tower A, located at the northwestern corner of NECC, offers superiorindoor and outdoor exhibitionspaces for companies with strong demands for exhibitions offashion, consumer electronics andlatest trends of the industrythroughout the whole year. It is also the perfect headquarters for companies involved in industrial, packaging, graphic and website designs.

  • Exhibition

    Tower B, located at the northeastern corner of NECC, are for rent by exhibition-related firms that either offer support services for exhibitions or leading firms in their own industries. It will eventually create an industrial cluster for exhibitions.

  • Trading

    Tower C, located at the southeastern corner of the NECC, and overlooking the sceneries on the South Square, is close to the five-star hotel of NECC. It offers office space for domestic and overseas trading firms.

China’s flagship office

NECC Office offers quality office spaces with exhibition amenities in a garden-like environment. It is linked with all the showrooms and the shopping center by 8-meter-high coveredpedestrian walkways. The office complex offers efficient services in a wonderfully refreshing environment.

  • Independent Space

    The office space on each floor can be vertically configured into private offices with exclusive lifts for big companies.

  • Spacious Lobby

    The imposing 16-meter-high lobby features grandiose and classic interior design that is in full conformity to the overall style of NECC.

  • Great Space

    The first two floors are eight meters high each, andthe remaining floors (Floor3-7) are 4.2 meters high each. Each floor has a massive space of 8,000 sqm that can be easily configured and used for either offices or showrooms.

  • Green Building

    As a three-star green building, the best green building label in China, each of the office towers of NECC has two 500-square-meter rooftop gardens, enabling our tenants to be in close touch with Mother Nature.

  • Meeting Room

    Each office tower has two 500-square-meter multipurpose meeting rooms equipped with the latest facilities for conferences, which help our tenants release their information and communicate with any partners in the whole world.

  • One-stopService

    The office towers also feature a one-stop service center for government affairs. Government agencies including the administration for industry and commerce, the administration of taxation, the customs agency, the inspection and quarantine agency and the intellectual property bureau are stationed in the office complex to examine and approve business projects of our tenants, which can boost their work efficiency significantly.

  • For Business Enquiry, Please Contact: 86-21-51882777/51882233

Maps of 5F-7F for Tower A and Tower C
Maps of 1F-4F for Tower A and Tower C
Maps of 5F-7F for Tower B
Maps of 5F-7F for Tower B

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