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Diversified Venue

Be it convention, conference, cultural event theatrical performance, NECC takes pride its capacity to accommodate kind of event. NECC boasts flexible space options, superior capacities sound supporting services, which provides unlimited extension space for the creativity of events.

  • Multi-Functional Hall

    Description:The West Hall of NECC designed as a beautiful multi-function platform for events of kind. With movable partitions place, the West Hall is remarkably versatile adaptable, suitable for hosting unique events of 800 1500 2500 participants. Its internal design has taken into account functionality, economic, spatial acoustics, offering a thrilling unique backdrop for a range of events including theatrical performances, annual dinners various celebrations.

  • North Hall

    Description:The North Hall of NECC closely connected with the outdoor venue, featuring an interactive connection indoor outdoor space. With an area of about10, 000 square meters 18-meter clear height, the elegant North Hall suitable for red carpet reception, forum summit other major events.

  • North Square

    Description:Located outside the gate of NECC’s North Hall at the junction of Songze Jiamin Elevated Road, the square a stunning event space suitable for open-air concerts, outdoor sports events, large TV entertainment shows much more. With 100,000 m2 of unimpeded space, it only allows event organizers to bring their creativity into full play, but also avoids nighttime noise nuisance to neighbors the local community.

  • Conference Venue

    Description:NECC boasts a variety of well-equipped conference venues ranging from tens of square meters to thousands of square meters. Coupled with its advanced conference organization system, NECC customized to meet specific requirement made by the customers both from home abroad.

  • Central Square

    Description:Located the very heart of the NECC, the Central Square is an open space encircled by the Commercial Plaza. The artificial waterfall at the atrium the glazed curtain wall surrounding the Commercial Plaza make the Central Square one of the few open-air stages China. With a capacity to accommodate more than 2,000 people, the Square is a distinctive venue to host a range of events including large commercial launch parties, square performances brand promotional events.

  • Exhibition Boulevard

    Description:Two 8-meter-high Exhibition Boulevards NECC (one from east to west the other from north to south, with 40 meters width 400 meters length each) are handily placed to connect the Commercial Plaza with other venues.Decorated throughout with an outstanding lighting sound system, these Boulevards are perfect for hosting cultural creative exhibitions, fashion shows interactive parades.

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